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NLTC Helps You:

Deliver Your Own Training

Through our approval by JAUPT & SQA, we are able to provide our members with the ability to deliver Driver CPC & ADR courses. Whether you are an experienced training organisation, new to the industry, or an in-house training manager, our range of courses, materials and services will suit you.

You Have Our Support

With the full backing of one of the largest training consortiums in the UK, you can save on your operating costs, and be given access to the highest quality training materials available.

Access The Best Materials

Through your membership with NLTC, you are given full access to our complete suite of courses and materials, and are free to use these to train your clients.

Our materials include: PowerPoints, Instructor Notes, Course Manuals, Handouts, Quizzes & Exercises.

Together, we will improve the standard of training, and make our roads a safer place.

Offer More Courses To Your Clients

ADR placards from various classes of dangerous goods positioned in a diamond shape

Dangerous Goods Training

• ADR & DGSA • Instructor Training • Related Courses • Up to 28 Hours DCPC

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The Driver CPC logo, showing that NLTC is an approved Driver CPC consortium, with the approval number AC00591

Driver CPC

• LGV & PCV • Variety of Modules • Instant Certificates • Affordable Uploads

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Petroleum Driver Passport logo, highlighting that NLTC is approved to offer PDP materials to its' members

Petroleum Driver Passport

• Course Materials • Approval Support • Complements ADR • Instructor Training

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NLTC Approved

Specialised Courses

• Additional to ADR & CPC • Claim DCPC • Fire Marshal • Consignor • More

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What Do You Want To Deliver?

Our list of courses is always expanding.

If it isn't already available, there is a good chance we can have your desired course approved.

All of our courses and materials are regularly updated and checked for compliance, and are designed to be both instructor and candidate friendly. 

Deliver Your Training Online

Our members are approved to deliver their training remotely. Most courses, including Driver CPC and ADR, can now be delivered online by members of NLTC.

Run Your Courses More Easily

Running your courses through NLTC is as simple as:

Green circle with the number "1" in the centre

Book Your Course

Green circle with the number "2" in the centre

Run Your Course

Green circle with the number "3" in the centre

Upload Complete

We eliminate the headaches of training by providing you with the materials and the approvals. All you need to do is deliver your training, and we will then provide the uploads and certificates. This leaves you free to focus on your clients, and to deliver your courses whenever you choose.

Keep Track Of Your Course History

Save time and headaches on admin and keep everything in one place by letting us take care of it.

We make it easy for you to keep track of all courses that you have delivered.

  • See when your course took place
  • See the candidates who took part
  • Keep all of your paperwork in one place
  • Produce certificates automatically

Keeping everything in one place makes it easier to handle your courses, and lets you focus on offering a better service to your clients.

Save Your Money

As well as saving you time and difficulty, joining NLTC also saves you a large amount of money compared to pursuing individual approval from the DVSA.

Approval Without a Consortium is Expensive.

Acquiring Individual Approval From DVSA

Start From £2760

Five Year Centre Approval Fee – £1500

Annual Approval For Each 7 Hour Module – £252 Per Year

(Minimum of 5 for full 35 hours of CPC)

Upload Fee – £8.75 Per Upload

Course Development – Indefinite


Approval Through NLTC is Affordable.

Joining NLTC

Annual Membership – £500

Upload Fee – £13.75 Per Upload

Note: Prices Are Subject to 20% VAT.

You can save more than £2000 by starting with NLTC.

NLTC membership will make your Driver CPC approval more attainable by making it easier and more affordable. This also comes with the full back-up and support of the consortium.

Become Qualified

As well as delivering your own training, your instructors will have the opportunity to gain more qualifications themselves, so you can offer more services and courses to your clients.

Our ‘Train The Trainer’ style course will prepare you to deliver your own ADR training, and is one of the core steps in becoming approved for ADR.

By the end of this course, you will be fully knowledgeable in all key aspects of ADR, and will be ready to efficiently run your courses, and effectively support your own candidates.

Become An ADR Instructor

Being properly trained in CPC delivery is key in efficiently and effectively running your course while keeping your candidates engaged.

Our ‘train the trainer’ style course will familiarise you with our large array of CPC modules and materials, and will cover a range of instruction techniques.

Become A CPC Instructor

We often host familiarisation days that our members are invited to join for free, in order to stay up to date on course materials and instruction technique.

Offering this training for free is one of the many ways that we support our members, and ensure that NLTC as a whole continues to offer the highest quality of training available.

Having a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor on your team opens up new opportunities. 

Training providers will have a whole new service to offer to prospective clients, and will be experts on matters of dangerous goods.

Employers will save on costs and admin by having their very own approved DGSA.

Become A DGSA

Through NLTC, you can add a number of specialised qualifications to your repertoire, suitable for a number of roles:

  • Dangerous Goods Consignor
  • Security of Dangerous Goods
  • Fire Marshal
  • Emergency First Aid
  • More…

With instructors approved to deliver these courses, you will always have more to deliver to your customers and staff.

Deliver Specialist Logistics Training

Advertise Yourself

We want our members to thrive with NLTC, so when you join, you are given opportunities to advertise your company and courses, for no extra charge.


Advertise Your Courses

When booking your courses, you are able to advertise the training on this website, where new customers will be able to find you and make an enquiry. Find a Course

Advertise Your Company

Our members are welcome to create submissions for our blog, where you can discuss anything that interests you in the industry, which naturally provides you with a space to talk about your company.

Keep Your Freedom

Joining a Consortium doesn’t mean that you have to give up control of your training. On the contrary, we want our members to prosper, and use our materials to enhance your freedom, and to make it easier to deliver courses, and to branch out to new clients.

You Are In Control

You can book and run your training whenever you choose, and can tailor your courses to match your candidates.

We make a strong effort to ensure that you feel the freedom of your own approval, with the reliable support of a consortium.

We're Always Here

Our support team is always open to you, no matter what level of support you require.

Our members get the best of both worlds, and are able to remain in charge of their own training, while retaining our support.

Stay In Charge

As a member, you will have a full say in the running of the consortium.

Your feedback will always be taken on-board. Every year, we host an Annual General Meeting in which all members are invited, where they will have equal input into the consortium. 

Our aim is to give you the full support of one of the largest consortiums in the UK, while providing the flexibility of an independent provider.

We're Here For Our Members

When you join NLTC, you receive top-of-the-line course materials, helpful supplementary resources, and dependable support. You can rely on personalised help from our experienced team over telephone and e-mail whenever you need it.

NLTC is a driver training consortium dedicated to offering the best training materials, and the highest level of support to our members.

Your membership with NLTC will give you access to our Members Area, top-of-the-line course materials, unlimited CPC uploads, and support from our team whenever you need it.

The Members Area is your all-in-one system for booking, uploading, and archiving all of your training endeavours.

One of the benefits of Consortium membership is that we will process your uploads for you. Once your course is complete, and we have received your paperwork, we will upload the CPC hours straight away. You will also be given real-time updates on the status of your uploads via the NLTC Members System.


It is important to us that our members feel confident with our services, so we will of course help you get started once you have signed up to join.

Our team is ready to help you through the process of running your course, and getting yourself acquainted with the Members Area, and will offer you all of the support that you could need to get started.

Equally, our team is always available to you whenever you may need support in the future.

Absolutely – whether you are independently approved or a member of another consortium, we will be glad to accept you as a new member, and our team will work to make the transition as seamless as possible.

In fact, you wouldn’t even need to give up your other approval in order to join. We are happy for you also hold approval outside of the consortium, if you chose.

There are benefits to pursuing your own approval outside of a consortium, though these do come at a large cost of time and finances.

Joining a Consortium largely eliminates the costs, time and resources required for CPC approval, and also gives you a great deal of support in delivering your training, along with popular and proven course materials.

Before signing up, you can browse the rest of this website to get a larger idea of the benefits of membership.

We try to keep the process as hassle-free as possible, so all you will need to do is complete a membership enrolment form. Once this comes to us, we will check over it, and when it is accepted, you will be welcomed into the Consortium.

Joining NLTC is normally a fairly quick process. From your initial enrolment, up until CPC approval is gained, it is very rare for the entire process to take any longer than two weeks.

If you want to get in touch with any questions, then we are always available to help. Our support team is made up of real people with an interest in being as helpful and genuine as possible.

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Start Delivering Your Training.

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Stay Up To Date

We keep our members updated on news and updates happening in the industry. Whenever the rules for training are updated, or whenever anything happens in the realm of ADR and CPC, our members are the first to know.

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