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As one of the very few consortia approved for ADR Dangerous Goods Training, we can assist you
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What is ADR?

ADR placards from various classes of dangerous goods positioned in a diamond shape

ADR is a requirement for all drivers who carry dangerous goods by road, in the UK and across Europe.

Apart from the drivers themselves, all staff involved in the carriage of dangerous goods at least require ADR Awareness training.

Quality ADR courses are absolutely crucial in making our roads safer, and our members are given access to the highest quality materials available.

Offering ADR Brings You Forward.

UK Truck Driver in an NLTC member's classroom reading an ADR course manual with dangerous goods placards in the background

For training providers, delivering ADR training is a fantastic way of diversifying your training offerings, whether you already deliver CPC, or are new to training.

For employers, in-house ADR training is an effective way to save on costs, and to ensure that your staff is given the highest quality of training possible.

We can also provide members with a large list of other Dangerous Goods Related Courses, such as: PDP (Petroleum Driver Passport), DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser), Dangerous Goods Awareness, Dangerous Goods Security, and Dangerous Goods Consignor courses.

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