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All of our members are able to Deliver Driver CPC Training, and are provided with a
wide range of Driver CPC courses, suitable for LGV & PCV drivers.

Stress-Free Approval

Fully Approved By JAUPT

Keep Track Of Your Courses

Over 12 Modules To Choose From

Always Up-To-Date Courses

Training Providers:

Deliver this crucial qualification, with engaging and up-to-date materials provided to you.

In-House Trainers:

Ensure the standard of training, and save on costs while providing your drivers with this mandatory training.


Given access to high quality, and up-to-date training.

Why Offer Driver CPC?

LGV driver at the wheel of a truck, in the process of transporting dangerous goods

To operate vehicles of a certain size, drivers require 35 hours of Driver CPC tuition.

We have worked hard to develop our courses in way that is friendly to both the instructor and the candidates.

Our aim is to provide you with courses to deliver that are engaging, and will result in safer roads across the UK.

Delivering Your Own Driver CPC

Empty Driver CPC classroom being prepared for a course, with a course PowerPoint for the Checks & Defects module being projected onto a white board

Delivering our Driver CPC course ensures that you will always have something to offer. 

We have put a lot of work into creating an engaging and large variety of modules.

Our courses cover most of the topics relevant for LGV & PCV Drivers. We are always open to developing specific modules for your needs, if required.

Designed With You in Mind

Screenshot of the NLTC Member's website, showcasing the process of uploading Driver CPC courses

Everything that we produce is designed to be as helpful and as convenient as possible for our members.

The NLTC Members Area lets you easily keep track of your courses and your candidates. You can book, upload, and monitor your courses all from here.

Our courses and materials are painstakingly crafted to be suitable for all instructors, and all candidates.

Keep Your Drivers Engaged

We provide all of our members with enough modules that no candidate will ever need to repeat a topic. Our members are provided with a 12 module Driver CPC course as well as several individual 7 hour modules.

All of our modules are designed and presented to be candidate and instructor friendly.

Start Delivering Driver CPC Training.