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The UK is powered by the fuel industry, and drivers are always required.
The Petroleum Driver Passport is the key to transporting fuel.

What is PDP?

Petroleum Driver Passport logo, highlighting that NLTC is approved to offer PDP materials to its' members

The Petroleum Driver Passport is an industry-led requirement, backed up by the Government, and is required by most fuel terminals across the UK.

This qualification exists to ensure that drivers have achieved the necessary standard to safely transport and load fuel as a petroleum tanker driver.

How To Become Approved

An instructor at his laptop, in front of a banner made up of dangerous goods placards

Similarly to ADR, SQA monitor the PDP qualification in the UK.

Unfortunately, unlike ADR and CPC, approval for this qualification cannot be attained through a Consortium, and must be pursued by individual centres, by contacting SQA.

What Will NLTC Give Me?

Close-up images of NLTC ADR course manuals

After achieving your approval, NLTC will provide you with the all of the course materials to deliver your training.

This includes the course itself, alongside supplementary materials such as booklets, tests & exercises. We will also always be available to provide assistance where required.

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