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Becoming a DGSA.

Attend our extensive course to prepare yourself to gain the
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor qualification.

Why Become a DGSA?

A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor completes an audit on their client

Every company involved in the carriage of dangerous goods is required to employ the services of a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

With this being such a crucial role, there are many reasons to pursue the qualification.

As a training provider, you will prove and enhance your knowledge, and attract new clients.

As an employer, you can cut your costs and enhance your safety by having your own in-house DGSA.

How to Become a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

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Attend a DGSA Course

Our course is focused on the knowledge of content and regulations required for a DGSA to complete their role.

We will cover the ADR Volumes, case studies, and exercises extensively, to prepare you as much as possible for your exam.

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Complete the Exam

After attending our course, you can book your exam directly with SQA in your local venue on a set date.

While we can't book this for you, we are more than happy to help with the process where we can.

Attend Our Course

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Our DGSA courses are booked close to the exam dates set by SQA. Browse our dates below, and select the course that works best for you.

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