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We won’t request payment until after we have received and accepted your application. 

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Membership of a consortium means that, for Driver CPC, you are not required to pay centre or course approval costs. 

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As well as Driver CPC we can also offer consortium membership for ADR Dangerous Goods, along with a variety of ‘Specialist Courses’.

Stay In Charge

All members are invited to an annual group meeting, to have an equal say in the running of the consortium, making us a consortium led by its members.

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NLTC is a driver training consortium dedicated to offering the best training materials, and the highest level of support to our members.

Your membership with NLTC will give you access to our Members Area, top-of-the-line course materials, unlimited CPC uploads, and support from our team whenever you need it.

The Members Area is your all-in-one system for booking, uploading, and archiving all of your training endeavours.

There are benefits to pursuing your own approval outside of a consortium, though these do come at a large cost of time and finances.

Joining a Consortium largely eliminates the costs, time and resources required for CPC approval, and also gives you a great deal of support in delivering your training, along with popular and proven course materials.

Before signing up, you can browse the rest of this website to get a larger idea of the benefits of membership.

It is important to us that our members feel confident with our services, so we will of course help you get started once you have signed up to join.

Our team is ready to help you through the process of running your course, and getting yourself acquainted with the Members Area, and will offer you all of the support that you could need to get started.

Equally, our team is always available to you whenever you may need support in the future.

Absolutely – whether you are independently approved or a member of another consortium, we will be glad to accept you as a new member, and our team will work to make the transition as seamless as possible.

In fact, you wouldn’t even need to give up your other approval in order to join. We are happy for you to also hold approval outside of the consortium, if you chose.

Joining NLTC is normally a fairly quick process. From your initial enrolment, up until CPC approval is gained, it is very rare for the entire process to take any longer than two weeks.

If you want to get in touch with any questions, then we are always available to help. Our support team is made up of real people with an interest in being as helpful and genuine as possible.

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