Start Offering ADR Training.

Join the 200+ companies already using NLTC’s training materials, and add ADR to your list of courses.

Get Started with our ADR Instructor Course taking place over the 18th – 22nd of October!

Our course will be taking place over the 18th – 22nd of October. Get in touch today to secure your place!

Offer More To Your Customers

Compared to Driver CPC providers, there are fewer ADR providers across the UK. By adding ADR to your list of courses, you access entire new groups of customers, who are always in need of up-to-date qualifications. 

We want to help you start attracting new clients and hauliers by giving you the approval to deliver the training that they require.

Cut Down on Your Costs

Through NLTC, your ADR approval becomes more affordable. This is because of reduced SQA fees, and the time and money saved on researching and developing your own course materials. Rather than becoming an expense, we want to ensure that ADR will be a large benefit to your company.

Train On Your Own Schedule

You are still in full control of your courses, and can book and run them as and when you like. You will also have full access to SQA’s ADR database. Our role, is to make the approval process easier, provide you with high quality training materials, and to provide priority support from our experienced team.

Stay Up-To-Date

Our courses are always kept up-to-date, and our supplentary materials, such as our course booklets and instructor notes, are always relevant and accessible. Whenever the regulations change, NLTC members are always the first to know, and the first to be prepared.

Interested, But Not Ready To Become Approved?

If ADR is a new avenue for you, you might not yet be confident in how much interest you’ll generate through this new offering, especially considering that ADR comes with it’s own approval costs.

That’s why, if you’re not confident yet, before you pursue approval, we can arrange for an NLTC member to host an ADR course on your behalf. This would consist of you advertising the course, to see how much interest there is in your area, and an NLTC approved instructor will deliver the training for you, thereby giving you a window into future interest, along with profits from the course itself.

Get Started

Our instructor course commences on the 18th of October. Read the brochure below, and please feel free to call us on 0151 363 2501 for more information, and we’ll be happy to register your place on the course, or assist with any queries.

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